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At first a world without cash sounds impossible. You might picture an extreme, sci-fi scenario where we all have electronic bank chips inserted into us, and the question ‘how much money do you have on ye?’ takes on a whole

Some of the differences between studying in a rural environment or an urban environment are huge. The financial, social and personal decisions involved in choosing what to study and where to study it, mean that it feels like a truly

Creating your CV can be stressful. It’s the first thing you present to a potential employer, and most jobs won’t offer you an interview until they've seen it. But whether you’re constantly updating your CV, or putting one together for

Ciaran O’Doherty’s venture into sports reporting began at a McKenna cup meeting between Tyrone and Antrim, in 2012. He explains, ‘I was aware that there was no official coverage of the match being provided, so I started tweeting updates from

The Royal family have made the headlines this week for two very different reasons. Firstly, Prince William and his family were accused of going on a ‘top secret’ skiing holiday when pictures of them in a luxury Alpine resort were

It’s no secret that in recent years and decade’s education has been changing. Some changes are disputed, such as admission fees. Some are rare, such as The University of Essex’s decision to terminate the use of exams in their philosophy

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