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Few diamonds are perfect. Most of them, no matter how valuable or majestic, come with some imperfection. Northern Ireland’s greatest ever sportsman, born seventy years ago today, was no different. In the words of former team mate Harry Gregg, he

‘My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone,’ sings Justin Bieber in one of his recent hits, describing a slightly less complex mother son dynamic than the turbulent one depicted in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This is just one of the

The South West College recently launched the Foundation Diploma End of Year Show, which will run until Saturday 28th May. The exhibition features students from the Ulster University Foundation Degree in Design, showcasing the students work in a variety of different

The nature of football means that when it captivates people in their youth it rarely lets go, and their relationships with it never really grow up. No matter how they move on with everything else in their lives, no matter

When we read about eco-friendly houses, or scroll though images of them online, they can strike us as several things: quirky, glamourous, and even futuristic. But rarely do they seem accessible and normal. Articles or blogs showcasing the leading concepts

Recently retired after a forty-five year career, Ian McCutcheon still remembers the day he opened the doors to the Enniskillen Technical college for the first time in 1971. Since then, having been the buildings caretaker across five decades, few people

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