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A group of students from South West College travelled to London on 25th April as part of the Miss STEM project, an initiative funded by Erasmus+ to involve young females in meetings with decision makers in the field of STEM

A recent event held at the South West College Omagh brought students, college staff and employers together to highlight the brilliant work being done through the STEP programme. Attended by large numbers, the event maintained a small crowd atmosphere that highlighted

Paul Da-Costa-Greaves, of Koppert Cress, visited the Dungannon campus of South West College on Wednesday 8th June. Having also spoken across Manchester, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Istanbul and Oman in the previous week, Paul treated the culinary students in attendance to

May was a busy month of sport, including the eagerly anticipated return of the Ulster Provincial football championship, with the first round match between Tyrone and Derry. The month kicked off at the Riverside Stadium in Drumhaoe where Institute and Ballinamallard

Depending on who you ask, Art is whatever you want it to be, whatever the artists says it is, or according to Andy Warhol, ‘whatever you can get away with’. Either way, what all these ideas have in common is

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