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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Congratulations to all the South West College students who enjoyed their graduation today. Graduation Day is always the culmination of a lot of hard work, and although it goes without saying that this year’s ceremony was very different, it’s still

Our Body Clocks are not something we often think about. When we do, it is often a complaint that after a week of getting up for class, we can’t enjoy a lie in on Saturday morning because our body clock

Halloween is a bit different in 2020. There are rules and limits to how you can celebrate, and in this particular year we perhaps don’t need anything new to scare us. So at South West College, seeing as this year

A group of legal experts, scientists, academics and environmentalists are set to present draft legislation for consideration by the Northern Ireland Assembly, declaring a climate emergency and proposing a series of targets to cut carbon emissions. It comes as the

What is a Top-up degree? What do you top up? And what are you topping it up to? Way out West answers some of the most common questions about the undergraduate Top-up degree courses available at South West College. What is

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