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GCSE results day is a significant milestone in anyone’s educational journey, and one that many students and parents associate with trepidation and stress. This years group haven't been helped by the introduction of a new set of grade boundaries which

Plenty has been said about the recent transfer of Brazilian footballer Neymar from Barcelona to PSG for a world record fee of €222 million. People have discussed, and articles have tried to explain, why one of the best players in

The iPhone is ten years old, and since its launch in 2007 Apple have sold over a billion of them. This popularity wasn't always expected. Some experts predicted it would only interest gadget geeks; others said early hype would disappear

A major theme of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is that mental illness, despite not always carrying the same physical, outward symptoms, is just as important as physical illness. In the past, this hasn't been the case; mental health

Looking back at Ireland’s 2017 Six Nations campaign, most fans will point to the last day victory over England, which denied their opponents a record breaking run of victories, as the most memorable moment. For Enniskillen Student, Moira Johnston, however,

Throughout our years at school there are always subjects that seem to carry more importance than others. To be good at Art or P.E. can sometimes seem like a luxury skill or speciality; to focus on History or Geography, Spanish

This Friday is ‘Black Friday’, which is quickly becoming a Christmas tradition for many people. In reality, it is an American custom, which through television, media and eagerness of people here to do all things USA, has seeped into our

Construction comprises the creation, planning, design and financing of projects from outset to completion. Generating countless jobs, it requires teamwork, skill and knowledge of materials and techniques, making it one of the outstanding examples of human ingenuity and brilliance. Of course

What do actors Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise, musician Noel Gallagher, entrepreneurs Richard Branson and Steve Jobs, and artistic geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso all have in common? As well as being both talented and immensely successful in

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