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With September upon us again and lots of students facing a return to their studies or a new chapter in their lives, Way out West look at a few ways to make the transition from summer as easy and successful

South West College offers a broad range of student internships and work placements, all of which provide a link between academic learning and professional employment, allowing students to experience work first hand and evaluate the types of jobs that match

Millennials are considered an anxious generation, and people are generally all too ready to give reasons why. Simple explanations include a lack of sleep, often blamed on watching one too many episodes of the latest binge worthy Netflix series; or

Computers are part of everything we do. We use them constantly, whether it’s checking the weather, the football scores or the best holiday destinations, and for anyone working in an office, it’s hard to imagine working away from the monitor.

Accounting is a huge career area. Once seen as a specialised discipline – associated primarily with mathematical geniuses – it is now more accessible, with advances in computing meaning that it is less about natural numerical skill and more about

Once you’ve got you’re A-Level results it can feel like for the first time in your life your future is not being decided for you. Before then it can seem like you're on an educational conveyor belt of primary school

There are lots of things we’ve come to expect from A Level results day. Social media losing all perspective on life, referencing the end of the world and quoting Game of Thrones – ‘Brace yourselves, exam results are coming’; students

‘Get up and go! Catch Pokémon in the real world with Pokémon GO!’ is the message from the world’s latest phenomenon, and over the past week there has been constant anecdotal evidence of people doing exactly that. Pokémon Go is an

Chris Evans has resigned after only one series as the host of Top Gear, but there are plenty of other options available in the world of Motorsport. One of the biggest jobs in British television is once again vacant, after Chris

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