Get Engineering 2019

Get Engineering 2019 took place in Dungannon last weekend, and Way out West spoke to people from all avenues of the engineering industry to find out exactly what you need to know about the Engineering sector in 2019?

‘I study Gold Engineering. I always liked Engineering at school, and liked doing bits and pieces at home, so I really thought it would be the perfect course for me. I’m really enjoying it. The other benefit for us today is seeing what sort of companies are out there and getting a glimpse of some of the opportunities we’ll hopefully be able to become a part of in the years to come. It’s a great glimpse into the industry, so that when we leave the education side of things we know what we’re getting involved in.’ – Brendan, SWC Engineering Student and Get Engineering Student Volunteer

The Engineering Fair today is about showing prospective students what they could learn here at South West College, and even examples of what physical things they can make and create with those skills. When I first came here I hadn’t been to an open day or anything, so I wasn’t one-hundred-percent sure on what I was coming into, so I can certainly see the benefits of telling people what’s on offer. I know how much I’ve enjoyed being here, so it’s great to be able to recommend it to people. I definitely want a career in engineering, although I’m not sure what aspect yet. There are a lot of great companies out there, and today is a great way to see them.’ James, SWC Engineering student and Get Engineering Student Volunteer


Student Awards 2019

Gold Medal for Lee Mitchell

It doesn’t get much better than this.Its a GOLD special Olympics world medal for Lee Mitchell.A huge congratulations to everyone especially Lee.

SWC Students Receive Construction Scholarships

Thirty-two South West College construction students were the recipients of a total of fifty-seven-thousand pounds in bursaries on Thursday 14th March, as they were presented with scholarships from a variety of industry leading construction companies.

Sean O’Donnell, Head of Finance at South West College, opened the prize giving by thanking the generous businesses that had sponsored the bursaries. He said, ‘these scholarships will be invaluable in assisting these students with their studies, which in turn will hopefully lead to them embarking on successful careers. Well done to all the recipients. We wish them the best of luck with their future studies at South West College and in their future education and careers.’

Bursary Awards came from industry leading companies, SSE Airtricity, Dalradian Gold, CIOB, Terex and The Institute of Civil Engineers, alongside an internal award made by the industrial advisory board.

Civil Engineering Project Officer at South West College, William Young, said, ‘South West College are delighted to host the second annual bursary event, and we’re delighted to have quite a number of our sponsors and quite a number of our students here today. In total thirty two students will benefit from a fund of approximately fifty-seven thousand pounds. It’s an excellent means of financial support for our students and we’re very much indebted to the sponsors who provide the funding.’

SWC Student Focus Awards

This year will see the introduction of the first SWC Student Focus Awards where we will be identifying creative projects and ideas from our students throughout ALL curriculum areas.

 The aim of this is to highlight and showcase the creativity and innovation within our students. If you have a student that has produced a creative piece of work, has bright ideas for a new product or has a unique piece of work, please urge them to come forward for the awards. The best ideas put forward will get the opportunity to win an award for their work.

I will be circulating around classrooms on all campuses on the week beginning 25th March to explain the awards and how they work so please get in touch if you would like me to visit your class to explain the awards further. In the meantime, if you recognise any students that would be perfect for this, get in touch.

Frylight guest Speaker

A reminder of below, this is open to all staff to attend as well. Spaces are first come first serve.

A series of workshops and guest speakers have been lined up for the spring in conjunction with Fermanagh & Omagh Council. The first of these entitled ‘A Breakfast With’ is on Monday 25th March.

Places are limited to 80 people and each person attending will receive a complimentary breakfast bap and refreshments, the talk is outlined below and plans to be informative and aspiring. To book your place or a class please contact kieran.o’kane@swc.ac.ukdirectly.



Ethan McErlane got involved with Youthscape at a time when he wasn’t sure what path of education was right for him. Now he says, ‘Youthscape felt like the best option for me at the time and thankfully it’s really worked out well. I’ve gained a lot of new experiences, improved my communication skills and teamwork. I think it’s made me a better, friendlier person in general and certainly allowed me to become more trusting of the people around me.”

Catering Buddy Day

Last week SWC had the pleasure of welcoming Year 12 students Jay Young and Ryan McMenemy to our Buddy Day, hosted by the South West College Catering Department (Dungannon).

Attached are some photos of both Ryan and Jay in action (another email with photos to follow).

We hope they both enjoyed the experience. We certainly enjoyed having Ryan and Jay and enabling them to sample working life in a busy commercial restaurant.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need anything.


BTEC CCLD year one students hosted another successful Intergenerational Café this month at Dungannon Campus, with over 50 people in attendance from all ages. Many thanks from the class for everyone’s votes on the social media singing competition back in December. Thanks to you, the group won £75 from ‘Linking Generations NI’ and this month we were able to host a ‘Pancake Party’ with a range of activities enjoyed that encouraged friendship, learning and conversation. This month we saw a range of new faces in and everyone’s feedback gave much praise of the initiative.


Please find photos attached. Here is a quote from Ruth Douglas for you to use. She is a BTEC CCLD YR2 student.

I chose to support Diabetes UK as it is a charity that we support as a family due to my Daddy having diabetes. I always wanted to support Diabetes UK in their research  as it would be brilliant to find a cure for Diabetes. I chose a coffee morning with a difference from the normal coffee morning where you have scones as I did fruit pots which promoted healthy eating with fruit and low fat yoghurts. There was a few treats too and everyone in class helped with the baking. Our Tutors asked us all to put on an event this year to support our community and I was glad to get the opportunity to do this in class and raise money for the charity.