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GDPR (It’s finally arrived!)

As of today the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into effect in the UK and across Europe.  These Regulations represent a fundamental shift in the way organisations must treat personal data.

In terms of South West College, this change will apply to personal data of all students, employees, workers, contractors, agency workers, consultants, directors and anyone else whose personal data we may be required to process as part of our core business function.

The College values and respects your personal information and we have updated our Policy to reflect our commitment to respecting and protecting your personal data, rights and privacy by processing your information within the provisions of GDPR.

The College Privacy Notice has been updated and is available on our website.  It provides details such as why we collect your information, who we may share it with, how long we will keep it and categories of data we process.

We ask that you please take the time to read the Privacy Notice because we want you to have a clear understanding about what we will do with your information.

As an employee, you will also have access to different scopes of personal data and be involved with processing of various types such as accessing, data collection, storage, copying and sharing. It is important that you refer to all relevant guidance available when processing or making decisions in relation to personal data.  These measures will help keep you and the College compliant.

To support you and the training module which you have completed, a GDPR Handbook has been published which provides guidance on the following key areas: Confidential Waste – Consent – Contracts – Data Breach – Data Sharing Agreements – Disposal of Records – Privacy Notices – Privacy Impact Assessments – Survey Guidance

Please familiarise yourself with the following documents and procedures which are now available on https://gateway.swc.ac.uk/GDPR/Forms/AllItems.aspx and also the GDPR E-Learning module on Blackboard.

If you have any queries or concerns in relation to data processing activities or guidance please contact Carol-Anne Deeny or email GDPR@swc.ac.uk

Building New Connections After GDPR

South West College’s e-mail contacts and connections are very important when advertising events, reaching out to businesses, and attracting new students. Many of our previous contacts have opted in and decided to keep in touch with South West College, but with all the changes that have come with GDPR staff should be aware of how the college can build up a new collection of contacts.

'The nature of GDPR means that many previous contacts are no longer on our systems. Therefore it would beneficial for departments to put a focus on engaging with potential students, businesses and stakeholders, who may have opted out, or not have been previously connected to the college, in order to build up a new database of contacts.' - Aidan Kelly


Free Internet Safety Workshop For Parents & Guardians

South West College is offering a free internet and gaming safety workshop designed to give parents/guardians the skills and knowledge to understand the internet as young people do. The workshop, which will run on Tuesday 12th June, in Omagh, is designed to help parents/guardians get to grips with prevalent issues associated with social media, cyber bullying, gaming platforms, sexual predation and online crime, all of which can impact children’s mental health.

Delivered by Michael Gillen, lecturer at SWC, the workshop has also been designed to encourage parents/guardians to come together to have the conversation about problems and dangers young people face online, whilst also learning how to promote online safety through activities and demonstrations.

Michael Gillen said: “The internet is an extremely powerful learning tool for everyone, including children, if used correctly. Children are spending more and more time online and this can be an incredibly daunting experience for parents and guardians.

“Parents and guardians must be internet savvy and through this workshop we aim to equip them with the right skills, knowledge and tools such as parental controls to help make the internet a safe place for their children.”

This free event is highly recommended for any parent/guardian with a child(ren) at primary or secondary school. You can REGISTER HERE or For further information please contact Michael Gillen at South West College; Tel 0845 603 1881 or email michael-john.gillen@swc.ac.uk

Tapestry of Talent on display at Waterways Ireland

Bold and vibrant are just some of the words that could be used to describe the excellent work that is on display at this year’s South West College art exhibition. Located in the Waterways Ireland’s Gallery, this year’s event features a number of unique, stimulating pieces, which are open to the public until 24th May 2018.

This exhibition show cases the up and coming talent of the next generation of “artists” prior to their departure to degree and higher education courses in SWC and further afield. There is a wide range of work on display, with something that everybody will find pleasing on the eye, including; mixed media, fashion, textiles, ceramics, sculpture & painting.

Claire Falconer give an opening speech acknowledging the hard work from SWC staff & students and the need to push the arts locally. She spoke highly of the work on display from the students stating that, ‘The beauty of life is clear to see in every students work.’

Winner of “The Best of Show” sponsored by AIB was David Lowe and the “Most Innovative award” sponsored by Ken Ramsay was presented to Sinead Coyle. David’s work put emphasis on how recycling objects can create something beautiful and Sinead’s work highlighting the issues young females face in society today.

Clare Gilmurray, Art Lecturer at South West College is delighted that the exhibition has opened for another year, “This exhibition is the highlight of the year for our students and it was certainly a successful opening, not only in showcasing such amazing work but also highlighting the exciting art works and specialism areas that are covered on the course. In the coming years you will see more from the members of this group who progress on to the HND in Art Practice at SWC.” 

Apprenticeship Recruitment

David Donnell and his team at TBC Conversions recently hosted an apprenticeship recruitment event at their Dungannon base. Starting this September, the college, along with TBC Conversions will be offering the Level 3 Gold Vehicle Conversion Apprenticeship. TBC Conversions is a vehicle conversion and adaptation company operating throughout the UK and Ireland to convert and adapt vehicles for customers across a wide range of business sectors. For further information on the L3 Gold Vehicle Conversion Apprenticeship, please contact Barry.Canavan@swc.ac.uk

Omagh Catering Students take ‘Street Food’ to a Whole New Level

Omagh Catering Students held a popular ‘Street Food’ lunch for staff and students on Tuesday. Level 2 Culinary Skills students hosted the work based project, where for £3 customers could enjoy a variety of Oriental and European food from four different stations. The event attracted a large crowd and was very popular with all those that attended. The menu included: Spicy butternut squash soup; Pulled pork in a tomato sauce, fusilli pasta and garlic bread; Crispy chicken balls with curry sauce and herb scented rice; and Fish goujons with chips.

Describing the event, one student said: ‘Four stalls showing a variation of European and oriental food, which were serving to staff and students of the college. Street food in Northern Ireland is all about keeping up with trends and knowing what’s popular. We did research for today, and we’ve picked a theme for each of the stalls, which reflects what features regularly in interpretations of street food, both locally and around the world. It’s an exciting thing to be working on, because it’s a fairly new but very popular food venture, and a possible route to go down for new chefs.’

Save The Date!


The end of Year Campus Celebrations will take place on Monday 18th June at 10.00am, across all Campuses. These celebrations allow an opportunity for lecturers and support staff to gather and reflect on another successful teaching year and look forward to the summer. There will be more information to follow in the coming weeks!


Congratulations to our Level 3 Gold Engineering Apprentices Aaron Wilson and Lucia Petrovicova who were awarded Highly Commended and Commended respectively at the recent BTEC Apprentice of the Year Awards! Aaron is an apprentice at CDE Global in Cookstown and Lucia is employed at McQuaid Engineering Ltd. Well done Aaron & Lucia!


Conall Jones off to a flyer with Fermanagh

When Fermanagh bowed out of last year’s Ulster Championship, Derrygonnelly ace Conall Jones was sitting back with a cocktail in his hand and enjoying the game in The Fifth Province Pub in Melbourne, in the middle of a years spent in Australia. Last Saturday, however, the South West College employee took to the field to help his county defeat Armagh in the first round of the Championship.

Jones enjoyed his year spent on the other side of the world, but is equally happy being back involved with the Fermanagh squad this year. ‘The Australia year out was really brilliant, I saw so much and did so much, but now that I am back I am really enjoying it in the Fermanagh squad and working with the likes of Rory Gallagher has been brilliant.’

‘[when I was away] I would follow Fermanagh a lot anyway so of course I knew all about Rory Gallagher. I was in Clones that day he scored 3-9 against Monaghan way back in 2002 and then having players like Ryan McMenamin who you would watch on the television winning All-Irelands and marking players like Colm Cooper and making it look so easy, it’s a surreal experience now having these type of men as your management team.

‘So far its been great with a promotion secured to Division 2 and now hopefully a run in the Ulster Championship.’

Jones clearly has a lot of time for Gallagher, and he reveals it is a longstanding respect. ‘He would’ve been my favourite player growing up as a child. One of Rory’s biggest assets is his personality. He has a very good personality to be in a group of players, he’s good at being a leader plus getting on with lads and telling us what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. That is one of his best qualities and then he has a fine team behind him, plus a burning ambition to coach and teach people.

‘Having a county job would have been a natural progression for Rory and we know he did well with Donegal before moving to us. He is articu- late in his approach and leaves no stone untamed in his quest for victory.’

‘We would all love to see Fermanagh win an Ulster Championship. The minor side this year have already picked up a win and the U20s look really good as well. Things are moving up with the county and the level of play is getting better and better with each age group.’

Conall and his brother took part in a BBC interview recently. You can watch the full video on the BBC website or check out this undoubted highlight! 

SWC Beauty Students, Diary From Spain

South West College Beauty Therapy Students recently spent three weeks on work placement in Oviedo, Spain. They each kept a journal of their adventures. Here’s what they got up to in Week One!

Day 1: Sunday 4th March

Yadira Nugent: Today’s the day we headed for Oviedo, Spain! 😎 We had such a long day ahead of us, which began by meeting the other girls that would be on the trip. There’s eight of us in total, 2 from Omagh, 3 from Dungannon and 3 from Enniskillen, and once we had everyone we headed for Belfast International airport. ✈️ We had to fly to London, then get another flight to Oviedo, so there was lots of waiting about, but at least there were plenty of shops to have a nosey around, and the time flew in because we were all chatting and getting to know one another. When we reached Oviedo we had an amazing hotel which is beside a supermarket and close to all the good shops, which makes things easy. We travelled for 16 hours, wo we’re all glad to get comfortable in our rooms and look forward to what will hopefully be an amazing 3 weeks. 😀

Emma Jayne Malcomson: Today was all about travelling: waking up early; triple checking I had everything; getting to Dungannon by eight o’clock to get the bus; checking in at the airport and grabbing a coffee in Starbucks; meeting all the girls, who got on like we’d known each other for years; flying to Stanstead; browsing through duty free; eating everything on offer at Burger king; getting on the flight to Oviedo; finding the bus to the hotel; collapsing on my bed, exhausted.

Leeanne McKiernan: What a long day of traveling! From Belfast to London, London to Spain! But we’re here! The hotel is fabulous and central and Oviedo is a beautiful city! I can’t wait to experience the local lifestyle on this trip! 🇪🇸

Read more on Way out West…

First Aid Training

First aid training is very useful both at work and in other situations, giving the person the confidence to deal with an emergency situation and providing them with the skills to help someone in need. We are reviewing the current list of qualified first aiders within the Omagh campus and we have a need of a few more appropriately trained staff.

We would like staff who would be interested in this training to reply to Martin.Devlin@swc.ac.uk so that we can ensure we have the correct numbers to run another course as soon as possible. The course will be over three days and attendees will be included in the list of first aiders within the campus. If you are interested in obtaining the skills that will help you to assist others, can you please reply to this email and let me know of your interest as soon as possible.


Seamus Doherty is a nine year old BMX racer. He’s been riding a bike since he was three years old, and in two weeks he’ll be going to Azerbaijan to represent team GB in the World BMX Championships. He visited some of our STEP Students last weekend to show off his bike and some of his incredible skills!